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Meet Oxygen & Argon Works Ltd.

quality oxarSeniority and Innovation

Through decades of work, Oxygen & Argon Works has accumulated unparalleled experience, valuable professional knowledge and a reputation for quality and excellence combined with innovation and technological progress. Our Technical Department and Quality Assurance Department are constantly working on expanding our range of products and adapting them to the changing demands of the market, as well as implementing revolutionary and groundbreaking applications in all areas. We keep our hands "on the pulse" and stay up-to-date with innovations and professional developments in the industry globally in order to ensure our customers the most advanced service and products.

The World's Most Advanced Technologies

At our new production sites in Caesarea, Migdal HaEmek and Kiryat Gat, the most advanced technologies, strict quality control systems and a wide range of measures and procedures are used to ensure safety and protect the environment. All of our sites have been certified to ISO 9001, which ensures controlled management of production processes, accurate calibration of measurement equipment and strict safety procedures.

Inspection Services

We are authorized to carry out periodic inspections for maintaining the cylinders used to store and transport gas according to Israeli Standard 712.

Medical Oxygen

We are authorized to manufacture and fill medical oxygen according to licenses and GMP certificates from the Ministry of Health.

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pdfGMP - 2024

pdfFSSC 22000 - 2023

pdfISO 9001 - 2020

pdfISO 9001 Medical Devices - 2023

pdfCylinder Test - 2022

pdfManufacturing License for Food Gases - 2024


pdfGMP - 2025

pdfFSSC 22000 - 2020

pdfISO 9001 - 2022

pdfCylinder Test - 2022

pdfCertificate of Excellence

pdfPoison Permit - 2022

pdfManufacturing License for Food Gases - 2022

pdfExtension - 2022


pdfGMP - 2025

pdfISO 9001 - 2024

Environmental Protection

All of Oxygen & Argon Works' sites and facilities, including our transportation and supply system, operate under the supervision and permission of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and meet all the required standards.

Oxygen & Argon Works' plants were designed and built according to the strictest standards for hazardous materials and poisons.

Social Outreach

Oxygen & Argon Works believes in the importance of the company's social involvement and contribution to the community. Our belief in social outreach is based on both Jewish and universal values. The Company regularly enlists in humanitarian efforts and supports charities.

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