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Meet Oxygen & Argon Works Ltd.

Pioneers of Hebrew Industry

Oxygen & Argon Works Ltd. was established in 1960, but its history actually began long before that. In the early days of the new Jewish settlement in Eretz Israel, six veteran gas companies merged and a seventh company joined later. 

1960: The Union

In 1960 Oxygen & Argon Works Ltd., which gradually concentrated the production, marketing and distribution activities of the seven parent companies, was established. The factory opened in Herzliya Pituach's industrial zone in 1964. The plant changed the face of the industrial gas industry in Israel and supplied the gases that were essential for the development of the industry.

A Jubilee of Growth

Oxygen & Argon Works' plants have steadily expanded the scope of activity and product range, established new production lines and assimilated advanced technologies.

In 1989, the Company merged with Oxygen Trade Warehouses in Haifa, which engaged in the production, compression, distribution and marketing of industrial gases.

In 1995, the subsidiary Gas Technologies, which markets and distributes special gases imported from abroad, operates a special gas storage center in Ramat Hovav, the first of its kind in Israel that meets international standards.

In 2005, the oxygen storage plant in Kiryat Ata was transferred to a new and advanced site that inaugurated the new Sagi 2000 industrial zone. The Sagi 2000 site currently serves as a gas compression plant in cylinders, marketing and distribution, and coordinates the logistics of oxygen and argon plants in the north.

The flourishing of industry in Israel and the rapid development of the high-tech industry in the 1990s raised the demand for the company's products as well as the demand for high availability at the production sites. In the early 2000s, Oxygen & Argon Works invested in the establishment of new cryogenic production plants, in Kiryat Gat and in Migdal Ha'Emek, in cooperation with the international gas company Air Products.

The Transition to Caesarea

A new factory was established in the Caesarea industrial zone in 2007, and all activity from the Herzliya plant was transferred to this new plant. 

Today, Oxygen & Argon Works operates seven production, compression and storage sites, from Migdal Ha'Emek in the north to Ramat Hovav in the south, employing 120 employees and serving thousands of customers throughout the country by means of a wide and advanced transportation system.

The Company continues to grow to ensure constant improvements in service, quality, safety and environmental protection.

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