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We are the largest manufacturer and marketer of industrial gases in Israel.


According to the directives of Israel's Ministry of Health, gases used in food production processes that come in contact with the food are obligated to be designated gases for food passing through production and packaging, inspection and food conformity checks. Gas production must be supervised by the Ministry of Health - Food Service. Oxygen and Argon Works has been certified for the production of gases for food by Israel's Ministry of Health. This requires constant validation of the equipment and systems and requires maintaining a high standard of quality control and control.

Cylinders containing the gases for food are identified with a manufacturer's license label and a batch sticker on the shoulder of the cylinder. The filling tag is attached to a plastic sleeve (shering) for the faucet.

We can provide customized gas mixtures for food. These gas mixtures consist of gas components in different percentages according to individual customer needs.

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