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Our geographically-spread plants ensure coverage, availability and fast delivery.

Site Ceasaria

The Caesarea site opened in March 2007 and employs 70 people.

The plant produces oxygen, nitrogen and liquid argon using cryogenic methods with distillation columns, and stores them in a liquid state in isolated tanks of 200 and 300 thousand liters.

The site also compresses gases in cylinders, fills fluid in thermoses, and loads tankers with cryogenic liquids.

The site also serves as the company's main service and distribution center.

The plant has advanced compression systems for compressing gases.

It also tests cylinders according to IS 712.

Oxygen & Argon Works Ltd
Southern Industrial Park, 4 Havatzelet HaChof Street, POB 3159, Caesarea 38900 Israel
Phone: 04-6174500
Fax: 04-6231535

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