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Meet Oxygen & Argon Works Ltd.


Oren Riess


Varda Elimelech

Company Secretary

Yaakov Shlush


Eli Inbar

VP of Operations and Manufacturing

Avi Kires

VP of Marketing and Sales

Dudi Kaduri

VP of Compressed Gases

Meir Ben Ishay

VP of Technical & Quality Assurance

Ofer Barnea

VP of Engineering

Mor Ben-Atyia

Human Resources Manager

Marketing and Sales

Avi Kires

VP of Marketing and Sales

Marina Zeslovsky

Sales Secretary

David Rahav

Sales Manager

Anton Sorkina

Sales Manager

Hila Karady

Sales Manager

Michael Nemichenitser

Sales Manager

Supply Chain

Dudi Kaduri

VP of Compressed Gases

Yaron Sharet

Liquid Shipping Manager - Central and South Region

Evgeny Shishkin

Manager of Gas Shipping - Central and South Region

Oren Oved

Manager of Gas Shipping - Northern Region

Shlomi Levi

Sales Representative - Northern Region

Customer Service

Eli Inbar

VP Operations and Manufacturing

Omri Hadar

Customer Service Manager Representative

Ronen Galpert

Customer Service Representative

Emergency Hotline

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