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Safety is of paramount importance to us.

securityOxygen & Argon Works operates a unique filling station for oxygen cylinders, using an exclusive method, which brings many safety benefits. The oxygen compression is carried out in a lined concrete structure with external control and no presence of workers during filling. A sensitive monitoring system ensures that every leak is detected, and sophisticated extraction equipment ensures immediate evacuation of the gas if necessary. Gas detectors continuously monitor all production sites.

We have a fully equipped analytical lab for quality control of our cylinder products.

All the Company's plants have skilled emergency teams and fire-fighting equipment that is ready for immediate operation. Exercises for the treatment of hazardous materials are regularly conducted.

In addition, the Company conducts training for employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and service providers in the Company's plants. The company also provides safety checks at the customers' yards.

Safety Data Sheet

Safety pages (MSDS) can be found here.

More Information

pdf Safety Card for Carriers of Hazardous Materials

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